Looking for dress pants

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  1. I'm looking for some dress pants for work. Trouble is that I have a really boyish figure, so a lot of things don't fit me. (IE Banana Republic, J Crew, Express size 0s are all too baggy on me around the hips and thighs). Does anyone know of any brands that make smaller sizes that are still suitable for professional work?

  2. BCBG and Ralph Lauren make great dress pants. I'm not sure if the sizes will work for you though. :s
  3. Club Monaco and Sisley make good work-appropriate pants. The sizing at Sisley runs smaller (Euro sizing) and Club Monaco is comparable to BR sizing for the most part.
  4. Ann Taylor/ Ann Taylor Loft seem to have good styles for your type of figure.
  5. I was going to suggest AT Loft. I have the worst time finding dress pants that fit me. Their petites work perfect.
  6. wet seal. no joke
  7. Theory & I find their pants fits on the smaller size so I am sure the size 0 would fit great on you then. They also come in different styles
  8. I have a similar problem: slim hips and thighs. I found Gucci pants fit me the best. Dolce & Gabbana can be good too. I've never tried the Theory 00 but the 0 is too big on me. European lines tend to be cut smaller. Also junior lines are cut smaller, so you may want to look at those lines if you want to save money.
  9. OR get them altered. Should be a simple alteration. Good luck!
  10. if u are near dublin i could designed some for u..