Looking for coated canvas le marais flap...

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  1. Has anyone seen a coated canvas le marais flap lately? I'd love to find one to use during these wet, cold, snowy winter months...

  2. I got this bag last week and have been using it every day! I love it. I ordered it through NM Catalog and I think that they may still have some. I noticed that it's in the Shopping section with other NM catalog codes.
  3. I saw one at Nordstrom Downtown Portland about a week ago.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I looked up your previous post and saw the picture... oooh, I want it!!

    I don't have NM catalog and there are no stores here. The catalog code I found in the shopping section is for the tote. Any suggestions how I'd go about ordering a flap from NM (if they still have any left)?
  5. Thank you! I'll call them and see if they still have one!
  6. Here is the info from the shopping thread. You can go to NM online and click on Quick Order/ Catalog and enter the catalog code and item code. Use the free shipping code too. ;)

    < Code: F608

    5A: "Bag in Bag" tote $2,495
    5B: Booties $1,195

    24A: Quilted coated cotton shoulder bag $1,295
    24B: Pumps $740
    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. YIPEE!!! I just ordered myself a bag (with free shipping)!!!!

    Thanks so much for the info. I don't know why I couldn't find it. Duh.

    Oh, I can't wait!

    Thank you VERY MUCH!
  8. Yay!! No prob! :tup: You'll LOVE it! And it's such a good deal...well, as far as Chanel goes. :smile:
  9. hi! im a newbie here and would like to get more info on this bag....
    does this come in one size only?
    what other colors do they have available?
    and would you have the chanel style no. /code aside from the NM code posted here....
    TIA :smile:
  10. Well, there were leather ones as well as the coated canvas ones. Check out the reference library pages:

    I haven't received mine yet, but when I do I'll post the numbers.
  11. hi! thanks katrin255.... looking forward to seeing your new bag photos posted here when you get it. also, pls take some photos of the inside bottom and back side if thats not too much!
    TIA!! :smile:
  12. has anyone seen in europe? i'm looking for one too.
  13. As requested:
  14. big help! thanks! :smile:
  15. hi again! i've been browsing through "deals and steals" and saw nm recently on sale & that some chanel bags did go on markdown. because of this, im now wondering if this bag was included in the recent sale since Jan 2009?? i called nm and the SA said that she doesnt see it as part of the sale (at the time that i called) but wasnt sure if it'll be included with sale in the previous days or not... just wondering if price did go lower than $1295? Thanks!