Looking for Brown Leather Slouchy....

  1. I was just wondering If any of you know what brand or who makes a large, cognac leather, slouchy bag?

    kind of like the Gucci horse-bit, but plain leather, and preferably less expensive and a little larger.

    I would like a really clean looking leather with no big details. Also it need to be large enough to hold a textbook and 3 regular sized notebooks comfortably.

    Your help would be very much appreciated.

  2. If you like that slouchy leather, then you will probably love bags by Gustto or Linea Pelle. Both brands make big bags, but are surprisingly lightweight. They also have incredible rich browns.
    Check them out.
    Good luck!!!
  3. I'd suggest the Kooba Carla in chestnut. GORGE color, plus it's quite big!
  4. You might want to check Banana Republic, they always have really cute slouchy bags and good quality too. Sometimes you can score a good one off eBay.
  5. Try the Gustto medium setela in espresso....lovely!!

  6. Also check out Not Rational's Fab bag. Verrrrry smooshy. I use mine as a diaper bag. There are different kinds of leather - from thick and smooshy (naked and washed leathers) to thinner with a shine (diesel leather) to lovely squishy patent. Mine is a gorgeous cognac in the washed leather and it is super comfy on the shoulder.

  7. You are all so helpfull! I was literally shocked when I checked this.

    I love all your suggestions.
  8. Gustto Baca is a wonderful slouchy bag! Try looking for the Vintage Brown or Cognac colors