Looking for black Vintage Ligne Bowler

  1. Hello all. I have my heart set on a black Vintage Ligne Bowler. I have only seen a picture of it. It seems rather small. I just lost one on eBay by a seller who also uses/loves this site. I tried to bid on it but forgot to take into consideration that my computer at my vacation house is slower. I couldn't get my bid in on time and I have been kicking myself ever since. It is square/box shape with silver CC's on each end. Anyone have any info on this bag? I am interested in size and avaiablility. Thanks!
  2. The Vintage Ligne is pretty much sold out unfortunately.
    Have you checked our Reference Library to see if anyone here has one? You could find out the style # that way.

    I have the Vintage Ligne Tote in dark white and LOVE it.
  3. I have the tote in black. It is quite yummy. I'm sorry you are having issues.
  4. Would you be interested in either brown or dark brown? My Nordstrom s/a has both colors... I posted pics in the shopping forum.