Looking for baby cabas.....

  1. Anyone who can help me find a metallic bay cabas.... thanks.... :confused1:
  2. metallic baby cabas..... thanks
  3. all the waitlists for this bag are a mile long, but if you get on a few I think you might be able to get one. As far as I know Saks and the Chanel boutiques all have waitlists for this bag. I believe Chanel South Coast Plaza and Tysons Corner will be getting the khaki (bronze) and Dallas will be getting the silver.
  4. thank you thank you, will check it out, which do you think is better the khaki (bronze) or the silver?.. Go you have the no. of this stores? thanks
  5. Ask for Indra when you call this store and let her know Larkie sent you:
    2001 International Drive #2420 Tysons Galleria
    McClean, Virginia - 22102Phone: (703) 847 0555

    This is the store in California but their list is super long:
    3333 Bristol Street South Coast Plaza
    Costa Mesa, California - 92626Phone: (714) 754 7455

    Good luck!
  6. I am waitlisted for both bronze and silver. I think either bag would be great to have though I am leaning more toward the bronze.
  7. thank you.... just bought a sharpey, off-white... so nice, but very very delicate, though i got so many nice remarks in carrying that bag....:tender:, you really have to handle it with tender loving care... hahaha, love it.... i'll check out with Indra...