Looking for a wht or Blk clutch

  1. I need a whit or bolack clutch purse! can anyone help! does not need to be designer, just point me to some nice ones! thanks
  2. Hi...I am not trying to advertise, so if you think this one is cute PM me, and I will give you the name of our website, but this black patent leather clutch is $38.
  3. I tend to buy alot of clutches. They are the bags that I carry the least, but for some reason am immediately drawn to. I don't know if it is their price or the sheer cuteness of their size. When it comes to clutches, I do not care the designer or the fabric. My favorite clutch brands are Lauren Merkin (around $200), Hobo International (around $100-and simply beautiful aged looking leather, Whiting & Davis (although I do not own any of their new pieces, just the vintage ones that I stumble upon), Marc Jacobs Leather Zip clutch ($395 - and this one, to me, seems less versitile, as it is more casual)
  4. hayden-hartnett has some nice clutches on their site.
  5. This past weekend I bought a cute HOBO International one... I recommend looking at them! They're very affordable. Its my first purchase from that brand but it seems pretty nice! But also Lauren Merkin always looks like she has cute things! Her stuff is up at a bunch of places, like Shopbop and stuff like that.
  6. I just bought the Kooba Haydon on JCMadison website in Black. It can be worn with the shoulder chain or without. I completely LOVE this bag! It is classic, casual or dressy, great size, and I can see using it at any age at all!
  7. what is your price range?
  8. I'm enamored with the Botkier Bella clutch. It can convert to a small handbag too. Pricy but I think it's darling. It's available on Ebay for around 350.
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