looking for a white mahala or white python mahala

  1. any ideas?

    I was sure I saw one on the JC website but its not there anymore... :confused1:

    Any leads would be great?
  2. Did you mean the White Python Alex? I am not sure if I have seen the Mahala in White Python but I know the Alex came in. -- which to my sadness, can't be delivered here in the US because of the exotic leather. :push:

    Although if you meant the Alex, I think it's still there. So.. if you have connections in Europe, you might still be ale to. Goodluck! :tup:
  3. no no... i am positive it was the mahala... like the one elizabeth hurley has...

    hold on .. let me find a pic
  4. ok its not the python white mahala.. but I am positive there was one.
  5. Oh yes - I saw this too in the Celeb Thread.. Yes, it's the Mahala. I am almost thinking if it's the same one Samantha's Collection has. I saw it in the Style Reference - check out the Mahala/Maddy thread. Hers is more Silver though. :confused1: If Liz Hurley's came out much earlier, I bet our pros will be able to verify for us.
  6. Yes, the White Python Mahala was still on the site quite recently, on sale. Samantha has a Silver Maddy. Have you tried calling the London stores?
  7. Polaremil - i DID! I called both stores in sloane street and bond.. and they are soo unhelpful.

    They kept on saying that its sale and they're not sure what they have at the moment..
  8. I saw it in the Las Vegas Venitian Hotel Choo boutique. It was gorgeous! Of course that was in August and it was on sale at 50% off, so I'm sure it is gone. Good luck on your search...:tender:
  9. Try calling the Casey in the Chicago store 312-255-1170. It is really crazy with the 50% off sale going on, but she will be able to find one for you if there are any left in the US.

    I almost caved and purchased it in September when I wasn't sure if I could get the Jungle Mahala, but we all know how that worked out:graucho:
  10. So sorry to hear that. I guess the only upside to not living anywhere near designer boutiques is not having to tolarate snotty or unhelpful sales personnel. Good luck in finding your dream Mahala.

  11. Hi,

    I think it was the cream/white anaconda mahala you mean? I bought it and posted a picture of it a while ago. I haven't seen it in the boutiques recently but I did see a bag in Harrods in the same cream anaconda (I think it was the Mahdi).

    There is a jc outlet store in Bicester village which has only sale bags. You might want to try there?
  12. mimi23 - I thought it was a white or creamy colored anaconda Mahala. Another Choo girl in the US was going to buy one from someone in the UK. Maybe if she reads this she will help you get in touch with that person. The details escape me now.
  13. Thanks girlies! your the best... will definitely keep on looking...

    Robynbenz... does casey have an email? or is it better to call?
  14. Mimi: you could try sending an email to the sloane st store. The GM generally responds to email inquiries quickly unless she's on holiday.
  15. how much is the anaconda mahala? btw