looking for a "tropical/beachy" design on an hermes scarf

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  1. my two favorite hermes scarves are aloha and charmes des plages normandes .....i would like to purchase a new hermes scarf and i am looking for any suggestions on designs for scarves that have a beachy and/or tropical theme.....i saw the poisson corail in the store but am not crazy about the colors.....any suggestions?
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    Brazil? Bouteilles a la mer? Mexique? Passiflores? Tahiti? Amazonia? St Malo? Sarasvati?
  3. What about Grands Fonds? Do you like tropical fish?
  4. You may want to go the vintage/ used route and look for some of Annie Faivre shell designs. They're probably my favorites. I have several in silk - only one purchased new - my very first Hermes, purchased at FSH 7-8 hrs ago, and one glorious cashmere GM shawl I found on bay.
  5. Recontre Oceane
    Grands Fonds
    La vie precieuse de la Mediterranee
    Rocaille II
    Jardin Creole
    Vive le vent

    ...are a few that come to my mind. I am far from beeing a wise collector, though...
  6. L'ete

  7. Aloha...
  8. I second aloha. It's the prettiest!
  9. Soie Libre?
  10. THANK YOU! you guys are AWESOME!!! i can't wait to check it all out tonight!!

    i love fish, shells, sailboats, palm trees, the ocean......

    any chance of getting any of the designs listed below new @ hermes?

    i have aloha in black and love it, got it years ago! i saw aloha in the store last month in white and aqua-green and loved them too but since i have it in black i would like a different pattern.....i think of all the white scarves i have seen, aloha in white is one of the prettiest.....
  11. Oh there's also that one with the large turtle on it ...Madras something or other.
  12. Rocaille (gorgeous seashells) - I have this one in RED and it is stunning.

    Monte Carlo (waves, palm trees, sailboats) - I have this one in the orange/green/white c/w, but the blue/green c/w is more tropical.

    There are some wonderful suggestions on this thread!
  13. Love Rocaille-it was my grail and I finally got it. Here is a quick snap. So many beautiful silks to choose from-let us know what you end up with!


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  14. love it! is that a Annie Faivre design (as in India's post)? what a great shade of blue!
  15. ltb-Rocaille's designer/artist is VALERIE DAWLAT-DUMOULIN, I believe. I think it was re-issued in 2003.