Looking for a tote in metallic color?

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  1. I'm looking for a tote for every day use. I only see the GST, PST or Medallion in black, beige or bordeaux. Do you see any tote in bronse or silver. Thx.
  2. you could try and find a Cotton Club tote in white/silvery white or bronze.
  3. Hi! :smile: ITA with Swanky... the bronze/light silver cotton club tote would be a great option! If you don't mind a tote that is a bit more bronze than gold, there is also the Khaki Baby Cabas! :tup: The Baby Cabas also comes in Dark Silver (a metallic grey/taupe color that's very pretty and neutral). I have a picture of both the Bronze Cotton Club tote and Khaki Baby Cabas side by side. :heart: Ohh, and I have a metallic Dark Silver luxe bowler, so you can see the color of that as well. :smile: Hmmm, I also know that the Cabas Sport bag came in a bright shiny gold and silver, but that was a bit tacky IMHO, plus I haven't seen any around. :smile:

    Bronze Cotton Club tote and Khaki Baby Cabas

    Metallic dark silver luxe bowler
  4. but the bags u just posted arent produced anymore...:sad:...

    :shrugs:doesnt help her much or??
  5. ^ Actually, the Khaki Baby Cabas was re-released ($1995 v. the "old" price of $1795), and I posted a picture of the dark silver bowler luxe bowler so that she could get an idea of the color of the dark silver baby Cabas (I wasn't posting the bag itself as a suggestion, since she did say tote). :smile: Maybe you didn't read through my post. :smile: Also, as Swanky suggested, the OP could try to find the bronze or light silver cotton club tote (try being the operative word, because I'm not sure about the stock), since it was a seasonal item. I didn't realize that posting pictures would be unhelpful haha. :okay:
  6. just because something is out of production doesn't mean you can't find one!
  7. [quote=SaskiaS;4582597]but the bags u just posted arent produced anymore...:sad:...

    :shrugs:doesnt help her much or??[/quote]

    I've seen the new baby cabas in Khaki/bronze -Minal referred to-at the Chanel b in Vienna! Taking you are living here (Vienna) I wonder how in the world you have missed it!!!
  8. oooh Minal, good suggestion abour Le Marais, what an AMAZING Ligne that turned out to be!

  9. Great suggestions here.
    Is the bronze cotton club available anywhere?:shrugs:
    I would love to get one.:love:
  10. I'm guessing not, but there was a small pochette in silvery/white at my NM yesterday.
    eBay is probably your only bet.
  11. Swanky, you're right girl, the leather used for the bags in the Le Marais line is gorgeous, ahh! :love:

    Lady chinadoll - I haven't seen one in stores (I did see a light silver cotton club tote about two months or so ago at the Saks in Greenwich, CT, and posted about it in the Shopping section... I was so surprised to see it haha). :p Anyway, I hope you can find a bronze cotton club tote... here is the info (I bought mine at NM)! :heart:

    Grand Shopping

    I remember the price was $1995 before tax. :smile: If an SA can't track one down, like Swanky said, eBay is probably your best bet. :heart:
  12. thank you so much!:smile:
    I really appreciate the info - I would love to find a bronze one.
  13. Fiery good suggestion Le Marais is gorgeous!!
  14. Ladies, thank you so much for your suggestions. Both the Cotton Club tote in bronze and the Khaki Baby Cabas is TDF. I'm pretty new to Chanel and already an addict. I’ll try to track these down but if you see any of those two bags please PM me. Thx JB