Looking for a specific scarf...

  1. I want the scarf that this model is wearing as a belt. I know it's Legacy but is it oblong? I'm not sure which ones you can wear as belts. The Coach website only has the Legacy Psychedelic print oblong scarf. And where do you find that buckle? TIA!

  2. Oo! I never saw that! That is quite nice.. I'm interested in this as well!
  3. Well its not the oblong psychadelic one, because I have that one, and it is kinda sheerish material with the legacy colors in a swirly-type pattern rather then straight stripes.
  4. thats the sash signature belt
  5. no problem!
  6. You beat me to it! It is black on one side and has the stripe on the other side. I LOVE it!!
  7. It's very nice. Make sure to post pics if you get it.
  8. ooh that is adorable. I hope someone get it so we can see!!