Looking for a smaller bag, any suggestions?

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  1. Hello Coach ladies! I am sort of new to Coach, have a few larger bags, Sabrina, Lindsay, but I really need a small bag for a few days a week when I have class after work. I'm looking for a bag that does not go over the shoulder, I already have a bookbag and tote bag that I carry so it really needs to be a satchel type or one with a shorter strap. I have the Coach pouch but it's not big enough. I want to carry my wallet, cell, keys and some a few other small items is all. ANY suggestions would be appreciated! I'll be goiing to my outlet later on today and if I don't find anything I have a friend who can get me her Coach boutique discount (50%).
    Thanks and I've learned so much from you all from this thread!
  2. Try the Amanda mini satchel.
  3. 12919 mini shopper. It's a satchel, holds quite a bit and very pretty!
  4. here is mine in espresso
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    ohh I like that one! I'll look at all of your suggestions everyone. I like the Amanda too perfect size!!:nuts:
  6. amanda would have been my suggestion
  7. i just got an amanda last night and it is TDF! the jewel tones are soo pretty!
  8. I'm looking for a smaller bag too & i think Amanda is what i want, in black! The 12919 mini shopper is very nice as well!
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    Here are my suggestions. I have the leather Hamptons bag is it lightweight.

    COACH Amanda "SATIN" Mini Satchel Handbag Style#: 12927
    SIZE: 11(L) x 6(H) x 4(W)

    Coach Cervo "LEATHER" Hamptons Shoulder Bag Style#: 12917
    SIZE: 11 (L) x 7 (H) x 3 (W)
  10. How about a black Bridgit?

    ETA: This pic is the one in platinum, but at least you can see the size.
  11. I second the Bridgit-I have one and it is perfect for a small, but roomy bag. :yes:
  12. How about the Madison Leather or Op Art small hobo? Looks like it will be at the outlets soon...
  13. LOTS of great suggestions! Now at least I know what I can look for!