Looking for a nice RED leather bag

  1. I want to POP. I have all blacks and browns and 1 white bag. The majority of my bags are Louis Vuitton classics, monogram canvas - brown - with the exception of 1 black Balenciaga and 1 white Coach - the rest of my bags are of the monogrammed brown or black variety. I want to POP. I want a RED leather bag - I think it'd look GREAT over a black coat and for winter. So help - suggestions - and under $400.00 please

    I'm thinking Tano? But where to buy them online? Where to look at a good variety???
  2. I like this Marc by Marc Jacobs. I found it in the Zappos website and its called the Lovely Lily in rose.
  3. Stores that sell Tano online are musthavebag.com, lunaboston.com, adoniabags.com, thatsourbag.com, and fashionflairs.com. Those are all the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I've also seen them at Barneys outlet stores, but under the Barney's label (they don't say Tano on them, but they are definitely Tano bags).
  4. [​IMG]

    I think the Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag (shown here in wine; they also have a tomato red!) is to die for. It's $595 but only $476 with code grechen, so a little out of your price range, but I hear the leather is buttery so it may be an option if you can't find another one that you like!

    There's also the matinee, but it's a little bit more expensive:


  5. i second this one! i have the medium cherry bianca and man it is gorgeous!!! its not quite as dark as it looks in these pictures here is one of the pics of my bag a bit more accurate i think :smile: