Looking for a nice bag.

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  1. Hi! ladies I am looking to buy a nice high end bag, but after learning from you tips how to spot fake it is almost impossible to get one from e-bay. There fakes going almost for the prise of real authentic. Does anybody has an advice for person with small budget where to buy a nice bag? Or even maybe a very good copy? Thanks.
  2. If you're thinking of purchasing one on ebay, I would suggest getting it authenticated first before you bid. Lots of fakes floating around and sometimes it's hard to tell just by looking at photographs.

    As for buying a very good copy, don't bother with it as you're just wasting your money.
  3. I would go for the authentication here in the correct column on this board.
    Beware, though!
    I'm done with bags on ebay unless I know the seller.
  4. I have been very wary of buying bags from ebay after getting scammed a few times so please be careful.
  5. I'm a bit confused by the OP, you state that you are wary of all the fakes but then ask about getting a "good copy" :shrugs:
  6. I wouldnt mention being interested in buying a copy round these parts if I were you....:tdown:
  7. There is a huge price range in designer bags. You can get authentic Coach and Kooba in the few hundred dollar price range up to Hermes for the many thousand dollar price range. If you want designer, stick to authentic. You can get nice non-designer bags for under a hundred dollars which is much better than buying a fake for the same price.
  8. I got my $2600 LV bag for $850, $2800 LV bag for $1250, $ 2950 LV for $850, $5500 LV for $1517. All from eBay ;)
  9. DId you say good copy??:shocked::shocked::shocked: Ebay is full of good copies. It is the perfect place to get one....but that is precisely what tPF members actively avoid....I would strongly discourage it. Its a waste of money and illegal...

  10. hi!:welcome:
    The eBay Forum is for eBay topics only, pelase ask questions about handbags in Handbags & Purses:yes:

    :idea:Gratuitous tPF tip: DO NOT inquire about fakes here, we're vehemently against them:yucky:

    friendly tip ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.