Looking for a navy gst

  1. Are they available anymore with silver hardware?
  2. Yes I saw one at the Chanel boutique in the Houston Galeria.
  3. I'm interested to see a picture of this color in GST/PST! TIA!
  4. This is a photo from the reference library from tompk
  5. I thought about getting one today but when I tried it on I wasn't so sure about it. The bottom is to wide and structured. It felt odd under my arm. So now I think I'm going to look for the modern chain n/s. I love the look but want to try it on. Does it have feet on the bottom? I saw a lady with one in the elevator and asked her about it. She said it was from a few seasons ago. It also looked a bit smaller than the ones recently posted. I looked in the ref lib and saw a red one that was $2225. Is that the same one as the ones available now for $2650?
  6. I saw one at the Rodeo Beverly hills Chanel boutique and I also saw the Modern
    Chain which were the two styles I was debating about too.
    I ended up with the GST, but its more boxy than what I like. I kind of wonder if I should have got the modern chain :O
  7. there are still navy and black with silver in palm beach gardens, fl.