Looking for a medium or large sized messenger bag

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  1. i need a hands-free bag so my next purchase will be a messenger one. balenciaga courier is my first choice but cannot afford it right now. you guys have any suggestions ? i prefer it in black and my price range is under $300. so far im eyeing the linea pelle on bluefly....but they don't have it in black. plus i still want to see what you guys suggest so im still undecided at this time. thanks .....
  2. That's funny that you say LP! The first thing I thought about for you is the Linea Pelle Double Pocket Messenger. Go to www.lpcollection.com and you will see it on sale for $232.50! It looks like an awesome bag! It is big, too: 17w x 12h. Also, they show Vanessa Manillo and Rihanna wearing it in the "celebrity corner". They don't have black but they have a color (shown here) called Anthracit, which they describe as a "blue-black". I love the color!
    Good luck!!!
  3. i like this

    [FONT=VERDANA, GENEVA, ARIAL]Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Turnlock Posh Saddle Bag
    [/FONT]for 381$ at zappos

    or this
    [FONT=VERDANA, GENEVA, ARIAL]Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Tinted Core Denim Saddle Bag
    for 253$
  4. Try etsy.com or trunkt.org some fantastic bags on these sites and they are hand made!
  5. hey you guys! thanks a lot for your help!!!
    cooper1.....how did you know that i love ANTHRACITE!??!?! hehehe i'll definitely check this one out on the lp website!

    im checking out the ebay link also lawgirl07.....i'll be bidding on it before the end time......

  6. momonthego and arnold555, thanks a lot!! i'll check these also!