Looking for a little bag to take on quick trips to the store

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  1. which would be better a Wapity or Pochette Bag, I want to fit some Credit cards, maybe keys (not sure yet) but for sure my cell phone which is big it's a Treo 700W, anyone have any experience with this phone size?
  2. i think the wapity might be too small but not sure...
  3. Pochette would definitely fit everything you want. Check out the dimensions of a mini pochette, too.
  4. i use my Wapity when i don't feel like lugging a whole bag with me. it's small but it can fit a lot!


  5. A pochette would work very well as you can put it on your shoulder for hands free.
  6. I would say wapity just cause it's so cute and functional, but I'm not sure if your cell can fit in it! :p
  7. pochette for me...you can also use it if you're going out at night :yes:
  8. I like both, I have a pochette and it's great cuz it fits a lot more than you would think! I like the wapity for those times I like my hands free...
  9. the wapity is amazingly cute but I think a pochette is more functional.
  10. LOVE my pochette for sure!!
  11. hmmm...i have both...the wapity is cuter, but it is tiny...and the pochette is pretty big...probably go for the pochette for function and the wapity for cuteness (that is a word, right?! lol!)
  12. I would say that the pochette would fit it all.
  13. I love the wapity, too...you just have to make sure your cell fits, mine (a samsung) just barely makes it.
  14. This was the pic a few weeks ago that convinced me to get the Wapity for the same reasons you are looking for a new little bag - I think it is an absolutley versatile little bag, and this pic shows just how roomy the little thing is!
  15. The wapity is so damn cute. That's what I would get.