Looking for a large edith-nm?nord?

  1. Hi Ladies-Just bought my 1st Chloe bag a couple weeks ago & have caught the fever-i have always always loved the edith bag-ofcourse need another bad like a hole in my head & hoping to find it on sale-i am totally open to any color although a red or brown would be nice-please help if you can.
  2. Thanks
  3. Try NM last call stores....not sure sure if they have the large size though...meduims they should have somewhere! some Tpfers just got some recently...
  4. Thank you Mona & I remember seeing as of 10/1/07 there's 20% of one item at Neimans-I appreciate your help-if I find one I will definately post a pic!
  5. Just purchased a medium Edith satchel in dk brown from NMLC Miami. I asked about the additional 20% discount and they said that it only applies to certain brands (I think Marc Jacobs was one), but not Chloe. I called the Vegas store and they said the same thing to me. :sad:
  6. how come i dont see any edith in regular stock any more? is NMLC the only place?
  7. I just posted a large black bowler for $747 at the NMLC in PA. I spoke with Tyrone there. Pics are on the other thread if you are interested.:smile: They also have a medium Edith Satchel in Brown. I got one from another store and it's fabulous!
  8. thank you so much-i'll post pics if i catch one! :tup::tup:
  9. I found this one, is this what you had in mind?
  10. (702) 874-2100 [its Neiman Marcus last call in nevada]

    ask for accessories

    they have ediths in chocolate and red for $510 i hope this helps :smile: