Looking for a good lip gloss

  1. i'm probably the only one here that doesn't wear lip gloss! now i think i should start wearing one because the lipstick i'm using (MAC) dries out my lips and after wearing it a couple of hours or so, my lips end up looking crutty (i think that's the correct word for it). i know i know, it's gross!!! now i want a gloss that's not toooooo sticky, long lasting, and has a lot of color in it. i need you experts' suggestions Thanks!!!
  2. I'm obsessed with Chanel's Glossimers (Satinette, Black Tie, and Wonderland), and Nars (Orgasm, and Turkish Delight). The colors I named are on the more sheer side, but I definitely recommend both brands.
  3. I never wear lipstick because of that exact reason! Chanel and Nars have great lipglosses. I also like Bobbi Brown and Mac. Juicy tubes by Lancome is great because it is not too sticky and comes in a great range of colours
  4. I would also like to add; if you really wanna wear lipstick you could apply your lipstick and put a clear gloss over it- to prevent your lipstick from getting chapped
  5. thanks itsnicole! i will definitely check these out this weekend! since i'll be going to Sephora to return some stuff....
    will try to get to Nordstrom also to check on the chanel one.....thanks again.
  6. thanks for the suggestion cammy1! i will try this also.
  7. Good luck! :smile:
  8. Chanel is fantastic, and if you already like the MAC brand they have a variety of lipglasses, though you mentioned you don't want it sticky and some people have a problem with the texture of MAC.
    Chanel is my fave by far, it lasts forever and has beautiful ranges of colors for everyone.
  9. I second Chanel as well. They are the best.
  10. I just bought a Nars, and I'm pleasently surprised at how non-gloppy it is.
  11. My favorites are Nars lip gloss and Estee Lauder Pure Color lip gloss. Neither of those are too sticky and come in gorgeous colors.
  12. chanel glossimers are nice because they have the gel formula...nars, becca and clinique superbalm glosses are all nice for nonsticky lipgloss...armani and ysl are probably good choices too
  13. DiorKiss is amaaaazing, especially in the shade Snow Cherry. It's so smooth, doesn't get sticky or messy, and lasts for a long, LONG time. I have 4 different DiorKiss glosses.

    I have a TON of Clinqiue, though. I think that the Glosswear line is the best. They have lines that have sparkles, ones that are creamy, and the Superblalm line is great, too. If I wear lipstick, I put a bit of that over it and it's great!
  14. thanks for your suggestions!!! will be trying these out this weekend (like i said earlier). im excited now hahaha!
  15. Vote for clinique here. Kiss me Red by Philosophy is glossy and balmy, but lasts a long time and is a pretty, clear red- also gives good moisture.