Looking for a GM cashmere scarf ... matching these shoes

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  1. Hi maybe anyone can help me out here? I have these gorgeous shoes....

    I'm on the look out for a GM cashmere scarf and or Carre which matches these shoes... anyone has any suggestions?

  2. Not sure if it would be too matchy or conversely not quite matchy enough but there is the leopard one

    Otherwise I'd try and match to the red if it were me, which GM's are predominantly red right now? Sorry I'm not up on the names of the designs

    Oh and great shoes BTW!
  3. Thanks :smile: I have been looking for a while, but nothing yet...I now use my red cashmere shawl (not the 54") but would love to have a 54" something that would work (think of either having an etoupe, black, red or brown dress on) so I can keep myself warm for the evening :smile: I know the Leopard stole... but I can't find that one either. thanks for your help Mooks
  4. H&H depends on how matchy you want to be. H has the Leopard Leoleila cashmere shawl. Maybe it comes in red.
  5. ^ Ahh cross post.
  6. I will give Tysons a call tomorrow... to see if they can locate one for me... I like the idea of the red one. Thanks Handybags:smile:
  7. Yes that one from JA is TDF tooo.... also hard to get...
  8. The Belles du Mexique in Rouge Vif is a fabulous red scarf if you can find it. Really red. Gorgeous.
  9. I think the Leoleila has either browns or pink tones.

    The Selle with the red border might also work.

  10. Oh I like that one :smile:
  11. I'm going to look it up :tup:
  12. ^ Yes Bella!! Or the Marwari in the red/oatmeal.
  13. And, I think it's on *Bay right now. I think I posted it on the *Bay finds thread.

  14. Pretty soon I come home with 3 shawls )))) I will have a look at the find Cavalier Girl. For now I like the Selle most