Looking for a fitted black turtleneck.. Help please!

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  1. It seems to be a little late in the year b/c I cannot find a black turtleneck on any of the websites I have checked. I am looking for a black turtleneck, long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve and fitted. I bought one from JCrew in a medium and it was quite baggy and did nothing for my figure. Odd b/c while a small normally fits me, a medium is still never baggy (beginning to wonder if the cut was off or something). Anyway, please help if you can. I messed up my favorite black turtleneck and looking for a replacement.
  2. I got some from Gap last year (fall/winter 2007) that were really fitted, 3/4 sleeve, and inexpensive (about $25 if I remember correctly). Don't know if they still have them.
  3. Unfortunately they don't seem to have any. I checked online for them already.
  4. I got one from Forever21 of all places, it is 70% (or so) Viscose and 20%(or so) percent Nylon. I loved it so much I bought it in 5 other colors!!
  5. I have one from James Perse that I adore. It has a scrunched neck though. I found it at Nordstroms.
  6. Wolford Portland Pullover,
  7. Check Nordstrom, they should have a few.
  8. Splendid makes a great one and it's this current season.
  9. Oh--I need American Apparel in my life.
  10. Have you tried Ann Taylor?