Looking for a canvas coated bayswater

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  1. Hi girls in need of your skills here looking for a canvas coated Bayswater , in any of the 3 colours
    Black, Orange or, Purple :biggrin:.

    Rang Shepton Mallet yesterday said they had one sa went and looked and it had been sold:Push:, when i asked the price was told £297 thats £100 more than on mulberry sale site,:wtf::shrugs:.
  2. Have you rang around to all the Mulberry shops? Non-outlet shops will have the sale price if it is in stock? They also post for £7.50, which is £2.50 cheaper than the website! ;)
  3. Sorry snow, I bought the purple one when I went there on Thursday, and it was the only one! I queried the price and they double checked it, so it was £190 something. I had been trying to buy it on the online sale but it was permanently out of stock.
  4. i have found 2 at heathrow in orange. so far think theres another orange at st.chris place in london.
  5. Did you buy one? :woohoo:

  6. Nope not yet going to look againafter tuesday meet up at shepton mallet;)
  7. I wish I lived closer to SM! My sis lives just down the road from it. I am miles away in Newcastle. We are moving down south later this year so hopefully I will get to visit!
  8. There's a couple on eBay but I'm guessing that's an avenue you don't wat to go down...?
  9. I have a black CC bays. Its really light and easy to carry. I definitely think you should get one!

  10. cant find them can u show me the links please:biggrin: