Looking for a bluebell Burberry barrel bag!!

  1. I know I should've gotten it when I was in VA last month. I was at this outlet mall in Leesburg, VA where they have a burberry store. They had the cutest barrel purse in bluebell color only for $200!!! I don't know why why WHY I didn't purchase the bag but ended up getting a pair of shoes instead.

    I know this link sells fake bags but just to show you guys what it looks like here's the link:


    The bag I'm looking for is in baby blue. Does anyone know where I can get this bag? I have a feeling that the outlet doesn't have the bag anymore.
  2. I ordered a Burberry from them & recieved an authentic bag. I know the rest of the designers appear to be fake, but the one they sent me was authentic. The internet is so deceiving...good luck with your search! Hopefully someone will know where you can find a great authentic one!
  3. Try other outlet stores??? MY Burberry had blue check bags (Michigan City, IN)...can they maybe do a search for you of other stores (I know the BCBG outlet can do that).
    Good luck...I LOVE my blue check,,the color is so summery!
  4. Go to the Burberry website and click on the sale bags. They had a lot of the blue check last time I checked! :smile:
  5. I just called the burberry outlet and the manager at the store helped me locate it. It's in bluebell color with white straps which I looooooove! It will be shipped tomorrow from Manchester, VT! I'm so excited!!!
  6. All those bags on that designerimports website are icky- the leather trim on that barrel bag looks plastic, and I've never seen a novacheck "alma" like the one on their site. ugh!
  7. post pictures when you get it sunny!!
  8. They do have the novacheck alma like bag. It seemed to be a very popular bag and is actually one of their more xpensive bags that retails for about $675.
  9. WTG sunny...I'm glad you were able to find one!
  10. I will post pics when I get it. I can't wait!!!
  11. no but i have the square one and long and narrow one in that print in the pict. got them from bloomies, but ive never used the squARE one and thinking of selling it.
  12. hee! "bluebell Burberry barrel bag" - say that 3 times quickly... (or even once!) :biggrin: ;)
  13. My bag was delivered via UPS this afternoon but I was at work and missed it. I'm going to go pick it up now and post a pic tonight if I get a chance! I'm so excited!!! :smile:
  14. Congrats! I :heart: Burberry! :biggrin:
  15. They had a whole freaking shelf of the pink and blue check bags including barrel at woodbury commons. but i didnt bother to get closer because a whole swarm of girls surrounded it, chattering in foriegn high pitch lol, it wasnt worth it.