Looking for a black Baby Cabas

  1. Okay, so I know this is impossible, but I just thought I'd put it out there.:p If anyone sees or hears of a black Baby Cabas that's not spoken for, please let me know. I waited too long to start loving these!
  2. I know you really want to have it but I never heard of it too.
  3. LOL Tammy, is it time? I will keep an eye out for you and pm you if I find one.
  4. Thanks!:heart:
  5. Tammy, Hope you find one! Love my bronze and want a teal so badly I can taste it!! :smile:
  6. Crossing my fingers and you can find a teal. It is a beautiful color.
  7. tammy, seattle Nordstrom is getting more baby cabas in black and white this spring! call seattle Nordstrom!
  8. I did actually call them last night and they said there are already like 20 people ahead of me on their list.:sad: