Looking for a banded/bandage skirt....where to buy?

Oct 30, 2008
^the macys BCBG will have 25% off come Dec.1-6 dropping the price below 100. It's great quality, I love out of these for work and play :smile:

I also think that the Express are better quality this year then the last. I bought one of their dresses this year and it's gorgeous.
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
I recently bought one at Forever 21, and LOVE IT!!! It is a true bandage skirt...the kind that sucks it all in. I think that some of the other brands just sew strips together to give the appearance...so I was super surprised when I saw a good one at F21. Mine was $19.80.

I looked for a link...but did not see my skirt on the site.