Lookie what I got for Christmas!

  1. My hubby pulled off a miracle. I had called weeks ago across the entire country almost to see if anyone had an ink city. Well, as most of you know, every place was sold out. They stopped short of laughing at me. I had called the stores that are selling B-bags around here and they also told me no. So I ordered the first and the box in ink to see if they would be an ok substitute and I wasn't really thrilled with either. I probably would have kept the first but DH said no. Then that ink city at NM in Michigan came up and he wouldn't even let me call about it. Didn't matter. It was long gone by the time I read that post. So, about two weeks ago, DH told me he was trying to find me a present for Christmas but he had a problem. He had found an ink city but he wasn't sure if I wanted him to get it because we would not be able to get any pictures ahead of time and it would be a final sale. He had called the local B-bag retailer and at first they told him no way. He pressured them to have their buyer call and find out if anybody had one and they found one!It was in a box in some warehouse somewhere...never opened and NOONE would open it to take pictures so we had to decide whether to buy it sight unseen. Of course I said yes but I was a little unsure. So it finally came today and it is beautiful. The light outside is awful today so I had to use the flash. Here it is! Is my husband the sweetest guy or what?



  2. Congrats, that's a sweet story and so satisying to have what you really wanted. The bag is beautiful, enjoy!
  3. YES! your husband is the sweetest guy! (after my boyfriend, that is :graucho: I got an Ink day for Xmas!).
    How awesome! yeah these Inks are elusive a year later... congrats on finding one! the leather looks good enough to ear w/o salt or pepper.
  4. Your little girl is adorable! I have that same bag and love it! Enjoy! It's beautiful!
  5. Congrats on your new ink city! It looks gorgeous and your lil' girl is just adorable!
  6. OMG, you are so lucky.:nuts: You have no idea how long i have been looking for a perfect (untreated, not veiny) Ink City.:crybaby: This was meant for you to have. The leather looks yummy. Congrats and enjoy it.:yahoo:
    btw, your little girl is a great model.:p
  7. Beautiful Ink City, beautiful little girl! Fantastic Husband!

  8. congrats! adorable bag and child!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. What a great Christmas story, and what a gorgeous Ink City that is! And you daughter makes me rethink my anti-baby stance....:rolleyes: But with my luck I'll give birth to Damien with 666 tattooed on his skull. :devil:
  10. Congratulations! Your hubby and new ink city are definitely keepers :p

    Ink is so pretty. I love the depth and color shifting they managed to make in it. :yahoo:
  11. OMG Allisonfaye, the bag and your girl are so GORGEOUS!!! What an awesome hubby!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  12. :heart: lovely story! and what an awesome husband to go out of his way to find you your ink city!!! And it is really beautiful!!! as is your daughter!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Well, it was definitely worth holding out for your ink city!! She is BEAUTIFUL!! and so is your little girl! CONGRATS!!
  15. Oh your husband is an absolute sweetheart. You are quite lucky. Not to mention your daughter is a little princess and looks wonderful modeling her mommy's ink City. What a gorgeous bag. Ink is TDF!!!

    Don't worry, I already gave birth to him. He's running around my house, but I love the little devil.:love: