Lookie what came.....

  1. A little something came in the mail for me last Friday (only 3 days after I ordered it )........
    coach shipment 002.jpg coach shipment 003.jpg coach shipment 007.jpg coach shipment 017.jpg
  2. WHAT IS IT????:wtf:
  3. What is it.
  4. more pics :biggrin:
  5. hmn hmn hmn..........:rolleyes:
  6. You are CRUEL!
  7. its a pond bag, or an andrea or maybe carly

    and i think a legacy wristlet..
  8. ahh, I'll spill! The Legacy Leather Mapbag isn't too exciting but it was the size I needed for school and the leather is TDF! At $42 I couldn't resist the adorable signature stripe mini skinny :love: ( Sorry the pics of my own bag were too big to load)

    coach shipment 012.jpg
  9. cutie!!
  10. SO Nice, and looks terribly useful too. Load up some picts when you get a chance of all of your stuff inside. I bet it holds tons!
  11. Very nice! Enjoy them!
  12. oooh that is cute. i also have problems with pics of my things being too big so i take them with my iCam on the computer and eventhough they come out mirrored imaged, its not too bad. you could also try uploading your pictures onto something (photobucket) and then posting them from there....i really want to see more of that mapbag.
  13. Very nice and i'm sure you will get alot of use out of it.
  14. three days! lucky! I have something coming for me right now and it's already been five!! hopefully tomorrow will be the magical day!