Look Who Has Egg on His Face

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. This photo is of my Chihuahua Butters he was carrying around a half of an plastic Easter egg he looked so funny I just wanted to share.

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  2. Hahaha so very cute !!
  3. omg how cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!!! give him a kiss for me! hahhaa
  4. If that isn't the CUTEST thing! I just love him!
  5. Aww.. too cute !
  6. awww that's adorable....it looks like he has a giant yellow nose :love:
  7. I so want to snuggle your doggie!! Adorable!!
  8. So damn cute!!!!
  9. Very cute!
  10. How cute!
  11. What a cutie pie!
  12. TOOO CUTE!

    I love his little teeth on the first picture!
  13. Too funny!
  14. AWW How cute! What a silly boy!
  15. AWW! How cute...My 9 year old loves him too!
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