Look what was waiting at my doorstep!!!

  1. What do you ladies think? I love them soo much! The condition of these bags are spectacular for older bags. And the leathers are TDF!!!!
    BDeaux&Khaki.jpg BdeauxArn.jpg KhakiArrn.jpg
  2. ps. can someone make these bigger???? I don't know how. TIA!!!!!
  3. OOh lucky you. I love the Khaki color, I wish I can find a weekender in that color and in excellent condition.

    Congrats, nonetheless.
  4. Congratulations, they're beautiful!
  5. What a nice thing to come home to...

  6. very nice! congrats!
  7. thanks for sharing! the leather on those two look so smoooooshy!!! congrats!!
  8. Congrats, very pretty! :smile:
  9. Lovely bags, congrats. Khaki is gorgeous!
  10. congrats...very yummy
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: Your khaki goes with your interior decor!:love: Congrats!



  12. congrats on your new additions! i esp love bordeaux :yes:
  13. They are both beautiful!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  14. I love both of those colors! Great finds.
  15. Thanks so much DECO!!! I need to ask you and ZAC how to do that!