Look what the mailman brought for me!

  1. :P my dream bag!!! :wlae: my Blondie Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't resist to show it to your girls!. I'm wearing my blondie hobo today. Aren't they lovely? :love:
  2. Yay! Congratulations :smile:
  3. What beautiful Gucci bags! Congrats and enjoy!
  4. congrats!
  5. So HOT!!!

  6. Love it!!!! Just gorgeous!! Congrats :biggrin:

    If I may ask, where did you purchase it from?
  7. Totally beautiful. I love Gucci.

  8. OMG!! Can you see how GREEN I am through the computer screen?!?! LOVE LOVE LOVE X infinity your WHITE Blondies!!! I especially love the bowler which works out because my friend sharbear especially loves the hobo. Man.. when she sees yours - she's gonna be a sick shade of green too!!

    CONGRATS!! Those Blondies are sooooo drool drool drool... :love:
  10. Very cute, congrats!
  11. Hobo: Sabinesboutique.com 2 years ago
    Bowler: feEbay - Last week - I was lucky enough to get one of the few (if not the only- authentic blondie bowler.
    I love them both! :drool:
  12. :rolleyes: :P thanks! I'm afraid to even wear it in public! (bowler) I could be killed because of that bag!
  13. lol... if you see two girls lurking behind you and drooling - don't worry! That's just me and sharbear - we'll just admire from afar - no worries we won't kill you for it! :P

    How long did you look for the white bowler? All these past 2 years on eBay?! :wtf: wow... respect.. HUGE respect for that dedication!!
  14. Congrats.
  15. Fantastic Blondie collection! Congrats!
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