Look What Prada Sent Me..lol..lots Of Pics....

  1. :heart: [​IMG]Boots..KEEPERS![​IMG]t-shirt totes..BLECK...CHEAP LOOKING...EEK....NOT A KEEPER...
  2. [​IMG]This is 2680---NOT loving it as much as the satchel shape and its REALLY TOO BIG...
  3. Keep the shoes, send back everything else.
  4. [​IMG]ANOTHER SCARY looking DRAGON BAG....ROFLMAO......trust me when I say..The dragon looks like it wants to eat you its so freakin big...HA!HA!:throwup:
  6. Love the boots! :nuts: Need to order some!

  8. How much, Jill?

    By the way, how does it work with you and Prada as far as looking these things over? Do they have your credit card on file and only process a purchase when you keep an item or do they run the charges through when they send out all these items? Just wondered. I'd love to call Sada and have her ship some stuff to me to check it out, but if DH saw it on the credit card, well....let's not go there! :wtf:

    I know when I was violin shopping and shopping for a new bow, the companies just kept my credit card on file and shipped literally thousands of dollars worth of instruments for me to try. Since I returned them, there were no charges on my credit card. Just wondering if Prada works that way.
  9. ^^They have a direct line to Jill's phone. Love the wallet and the boots.
  10. No, I think Jill has a cot in the back of the store!:roflmfao:
  11. ^HA!HA!HA! COACHWIFE!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!:roflmfao: .....boots and wallet are the keepers so far....
  12. I looooooooooooooooooove the wallet! I saw it this weekend at Saks, it's beautiful. Definitely a keeper!

    And the boots!

    LOL, I'm surprised Saks doesn't set up shop in your front yard, Jill!
  13. They had the wallet at Saks???

    I dont pay tax from Prada when its shipped..so I shop there..LOL....SAVES a TON of money...
  14. I'm like 99% positive I saw it at the Saks in NYC this weekend. Because my grandma pointed it out because she liked it.
  15. I'm lovin' the boots, you need to keep those! And the wallet is really perfect. :tender: