Look what I got yesterday...:D

  1. My friend and I went shopping to Bloor St yesterday...i was hoping magically the heart purse might be there...but i found this instead:yahoo:
    I am feeling kinda bad about it though...Im not sure if it's too much for what it is...My bf said he would "give" it to me for my bday, which is in a few weeks....but should i really keep it......it was the last one though!!! Opinions please? And what has everyone else been using theirs for? Thanks::shame:
  2. Keep it! =) It's gorgeous! Congrats
  3. this is great, it looks special - keep it! enjoy it!
  4. That's one great looking piece - Keep it!
  5. love it. congrats.
  6. YAY, it's beautiful, Congrats!
  7. I like it, I say keep it. Congrats and happy birthday.
  8. Beautiful, keep it!
    Happy Birthday :smile:
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. keep it!! it is SO cute!!!
  11. Congrats that is super cute Keep it it's limited edtion and you'll kick yourself later
  12. Keep it! It's just so pretty!
  13. so pretty!! DEFINITELY keep it!! gorgeous.
  14. definitely keep it, it's gorgeous, have a great birthday!
  15. Great looking color! Congrats!