Look what I got!! The beginning to a long lasting relationship with LV...

  1. Oh first I need to mention that on my way to the store I drove by this guy in a porsche (about 50+ I think) who was wearing, get this, a WHITE MC cap!!! All for the line, but it just looked a little :P

    So yes, back to the topic, I dropped by the LV at Crown yesterday...and came back with these!!

    Guess what I got :graucho:

    And excuse the horrible picture quality, I took it with my mobile phone
  2. oooh looks like lotsa fun goodies...any groom items??
  3. :yes:

    Heaps :lol:
  4. I have a feeling in one of those boxes is an agenda? I see the agenda refill box! :P
  5. I love LV boxes, so nice and sturdy looking...com on...tell...agenda:love: ? wallet:yahoo: ? I could keep guessing ;) .
  6. so many lv boxes!
  7. Sharp eye :yes:

    Now you can tell me which colour :graucho:
  8. the groom keychain....and cles...and agenda?
  9. ^^^Sniped - LOL!! Red agenda? and maybe a BV?
  10. :yes: I like LV boxes too...and ribbons :lol:

    Yes! One is a groom agenda:yes:
  11. Close! I didn't get the keychain :lol:
  12. :yes: Red Agenda

    But not BV...you're REALLY close though :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!!!!:yahoo: I'm not guessing I know what are in there already:graucho: :P
  14. Cooome on!!! Show us the real deal!:nuts: I wanna see them!
  15. :yes: :yahoo:

    Don't spoil the fun for the kids :graucho:
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