Look what I got from Bicester Village~

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  1. Recently when I went for a trip to London, I tell myself I must find this bag from mulberry. Because I heard the collection is discontinued, so must have it before it disappears forever.

    So, I went to Bicester, I heard the place is fantastic with all the choices and prices~ I straight went into Mulberry store, and SHE's there! And in Black! Just like what I wanted! I thought of going to shepten malet, but they said the stocks were the same, no more bays or any other colors for roxanne..

    So, here is my new Roxanne~~;)
  2. Here she is~

  3. Star, she is absolutely beautiful - congratulations on a brilliant buy!
  4. Anyways, just would like to share, the SA told me they have a lot of stock for Roxanne in black. In Bicester, while I was there, there are two in stock.. In Shepten Malet, they have 7. :smile:. Just a great news for those who are in search for a Roxanne. & I got it for 455pound.. (got my 12% tax reduction)
  5. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! (we are bag-twins)
    Am sure you will enjoy the bag - its so lovely and stylish!
  6. congrats its gorgeous!
  7. Thank you! It s gorgeous~ I love it so much, especially the leather~ anyways, just ordered a base for it.. Is there anyone know if additional strap can be purchase for the sides?
  8. Congratualions on finding this extinct Mulberry specimen! And a great deal too :tup:. This beauty will last you a lifetime, enjoy!
  9. Congrats on your classy Roxanne! :biggrin:
  10. ooh this is blinking Gorgeous. You choose a really goodie here.

    Many congratulations :biggrin:
  11. Congratulations on bagging a classic! x
  12. Whow, what an amazing find, a true classic!
  13. It is lovely well done!
  14. Love this bag - why did Mulberry stop making it? Congratulations on your new purchase and of course enjoy using Roxy....:biggrin:
  15. I have no idea.. Its such a nice bag, its kinda sad to see it goes.. Thank you! :smile: