Look what I bought! A great way to hold up your bag when you're @ a restaurant!

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  1. Hi fellow Minkettes!

    When DH and I were out to dinner last weekend, the girl sitting next to us had this purse hanger for her Speedy. I asked her where she bought it and she said Nordstrom. So I went and got one today! It's perfect for making sure there is a "safe" spot for your purse at a restaurant. You know how you baby your purse and you don't want to put it on the floor and there is really no where to put it at your crowded table? This little hanger is the perfect answer! And pretty too.


    They have other designs too.


    Thought I shared this little goody w/my fellow purse addicts ;).

    (Mod: If this topic has been discussed before, pls feel free to close this thead.)

    Some pics coming soon.
  2. [​IMG]


  3. Tooshie,

    Thanks for posting, I have one of these also, I picked mine up from the bay it's a plain mirrored disk, not as cute as the ones at Nordies so I'm going to have to look into one of those next.

    These handbag hooks are so awesome, I love it. I was a little skeptical at first, but it holds my regular size Nikki with no problem, and I tend to carry a lot of stuff. When I'm in the resturant and whip this out to hook my bag you can see eyes just a spying :wtf:
  4. My RMs usually get their own chair!! LOL! I like this idea better!!
  5. I too use a chair for my bag-personally, I prefer the chair since I typically carry MA's and the purse hook left dents in my handles (and I didnt have bricks in my purse at the time). I bet this would work great with a nikki (or any bag with a flat handle), but I didnt like it with my rolled handles.
  6. My hairdresser gave me one (she was always worried about my bags sitting on the floor of the salon!). I need to use it!
  7. I'd rather place my bags behind me because I carry the equivalent of a few bricks in my bags...and I'm pretty sure I'd bend the handles if I hooked it. but it's a really cool hanger!! is there a sticker underneath or does it just stay on the table from the weight of your bag?
  8. i have one too! i find it pretty useful but sometimes, its hard to use when im sitting at a crowded table with my friends. there's no place to hang the bag
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  10. There is no adhesive underneath. It stays because of the geometry / angle of the hook allows it to stay put with or without a bag. Pretty neat.
  11. Hey what a nice stylist who understands how precious our bags are! :tup:
  12. tooshie, thanks so much for sharing!!

    Like Bign, I use a mirrored disk that folds for storage. I actually use it at home for drying my bags of Apple Guard, but only with a rounded piece of plastic/ paper on the hook so that the handles do not get indented.

    Purse hooks are such a great idea/ invention!
  13. I love purse hooks!! I use them all of the time, and give them as gifts. There was a thread a few days ago in the Handbags subforum about whether or not these were totally dorky, but I totally disagree with that take...and anyway, people can call me a dork all that they want but I want my $$$ bag to stay nice!!! :nuts:
  14. I usually carry one in my bag too. I love the idea of it and like Crazy4Handbags use it to dry my bags after AppleGarde.

    That said, I prefer to place my bag on its own chair or behind me if I could because I am afraid that the hook might damage the handles of the bag.

    Somebody should invent a purse hook whereby the hook is somehow 'cushioned'.
  15. I went to Nordies last night and saw these! They were super cute IRL!