Look what followed me home!

  1. So my Mom and I headed back to LV today. It seems she wasn't bonding with her Damier Papillon, so she wanted to exchange it. (She had also just got the BH and LOVES it). Well...we couldn't resist it...kept seeing it online and in the catalog at the store...the Petite Ellipse. Oh it makes me smile each time I look at it! :tender: I am seriously hooked now...so here's my small collection picture. Speedy 30, Pochette Cosmetique, Small Agenda and the Petite Ellipse. Now if I could only figure out which wallet I like the best...
  2. Cute family! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I love Speedy 30's. They are great bags.
  4. :nuts: The Petit Ellipse is sooo cute:girlsigh: Very nice collection!!! Thanks for sharing!!!:flowers:
  5. That petite ellipse is so adorable..can you show us what can you fit inside that cutie??

  6. Congrats!!!! The petite ellipse is seriously cute!!!! I'm also wondering what can fit in there?
  7. cute!! i nearly got the petit ecllipse but i got the MC wapity!
  8. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing a pic of your collection!
  9. So cute!!!! I love the mini ellipse.:heart:
  10. The petite ellipse is so cute. You have a very nice collection.
  11. WOW! I:heart:them all!!:happydance:
  12. So cute! Love them!
  13. awwww... very nice! what a beautiful family!!

    congrats & enjoy!! thanks for sharing!
  14. :love:
  15. Nice! COngrats!