Look what came all of the way from hong kong! (and petco)

  1. hehe, today my musette came in the mail!
    let trade ships FAST, I ordered it on monday!

    I also brought someone back from petco today, her name is coco (if it was a boy i would have named him louis)

    here are the pics!



    hehe. not the best pic, but i think she is an adorable chinchilla!
  2. wow, this bag is really cute and looks good with your outfit
  3. Awesome I love the leather bits. LE bags are such conversation pieces. You have pet chinchilla??? hehheh. That view is crazy, looks like Malibu, wish I was waking up to that right now!
  4. Cute & Cuter LOVE both!!
  5. Gorgeous bag! The view is wonderful too. Love your chinchilla, they're so cute!
  6. Congrats on your new additions!!!!
  7. AWW!! how cute!!! i love the bag too!! good choice!
  8. Great bag! And it looks fantastic on you!!!!
  9. Congrats, it's amazing and totally suits you! Love the view from your house btw...oh, and you're soooooo toned!! ;)
  10. Awww, she is so cute!! And so is the bag:smile:
  11. Hey, and Coco is adorable too!
  12. Love the bag, the Conte de Fees line is one of my fave:heart:
  13. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! I :heart: your new pet chinchilla!!! I love her name, too! I used to have one several years ago and I loved her sooo much! I miss her! :crybaby: They're such sweet & adorable little animals :heart::smile:. Congrats on your new furry baby! Oh..Congrats on your new bag, too! It looks great on you! :yes:
  14. So cute! And wherever you live, it's gorgeous!
  15. can you still get this bag?