Look what Arrived Today!!!!!

  1. Hi all,

    Here is the bag I purchased from a great forum member. You guys probably remember seeing this in the marketplace a few days ago. It's awesome. Great condition. And it's beautiful, I love it!!! Let me ask you all though, how do you carry the bag as the handles are shorter than i thought. I thought it was a shoulder bag, but now it seems like a hand-carried bag. What do you guys do??? Thanks girls & guys!!!!
    DSCN0255.jpg DSCN0257.jpg
  2. beautiful color :shame: congratulations on your new bag.
  3. Ooh. Very pretty. How did I miss that in the marketplace??:Push:

    Just kiding. Glad you got it :P

    I've seen ladies carry this bag with one strap on their shoulders. Its hard to explain in writing but some kind of way you hook one strap around the other and just carry it on one.

    Its confusing but I've seen it a lot. Maybe one of the other ladies can explain it to you better.

    Great bag!!
  4. I love:love: it ... I really love the color! Great purchase, enjoy!
  5. very pretty! i generally don't like the vernis line but i like this one!
  6. Gorgeous Vernis Bedford!!! I was eye-ing it in the Marketplace, although I could never afford it :biggrin:

    What Iluvbags suggested seems like a good idea. Just carry it with one strap (loop the other one over the strap you're going to put on your shoulder)
  7. Very nice!
  8. wow! it's a beauty. Enjoy!
  9. The color is fantastic! I would carry it by hand.
  10. That is actually really cute....great bag for summer!
  11. Very cute!! Love the color!! I'd carry it by hand or the crook of the arm. Btw, lol I'm a handheld bag lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  12. Congrats! It's very pretty!
  13. YAY!!! GREAT bag!!!:love:
  14. Wow that looks wonderful on you :smile:
  15. Wonderful bag!
    The Bedford has the same size as the Papillon 30, does it? I always thought, that this looks strange :amuse: but you look great with this bag. Congrats!