Look wait I found!!

  1. Went to H the other day hoping to get lucky with the "red berries on white" twilly for DD. They don't have it, no luck :crybaby:.

    But guess what I found instead? (Not for DD though, more for myself :graucho:)



    And here's a picture of DD modelling it. (That's my Miss Sixty top which became a dress on her :p.)

    pic1.JPG pic2.JPG
  2. THAT is one gorgoeus scarf, adn one gorgeous DD!!!!
  3. That scarf is really classic! And your little girl looks remarkably chic, if monochromatic!
  4. Thank you GF and Bitten. She likes how she looked in that picture too!!!
    ....... I just hope I haven't started her too young :hrmm:.
  5. The colors are gorgeous! I love navy on black.
  6. Gorgeous!!

    Your DD is already practicing to be an Hermes collector!! Got enough potential~
  7. That's stunning! Can I ask the price for the scarf?
  8. What a lovely photo, that scarf will become a real classic for DD to inherit. I can understand why you were after the berries for your DD. My DD was lucky enough to find one in France and knew straight away that was the one for her - here's a (not great) pic, she was more interested in playing games than in posing, lol:

  9. what cute daughters you have tricia and allaboutnice
    arent DDs all about sugar and spice and everything nice...
  10. ooh i saw that yesterday! it's stunning! congrats!
  11. Sure! I paid S$950 for it. So that'll be about US$620.
  12. Gorgeous! What a cute DD too!

  13. Hahaha... I can just imagine my DD in that exact same pose with her Gameboy.
    Yeah, the berries twilly is beautiful, isn't it?
    allaboutnice, your daughter is gorgeous!! :smile:
  14. Yeah, take away the occasional times that they act up and drive you crazy :cursing:, they're indeed "sugar and spice and everything nice''.
  15. So pretty!