Look!!! I Finally Got Evelyne Bag!!!!!!!

  1. Hi~~~~! OMG! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I got Evelyne bag after such a HUGE dilema!:p I got eutaupe (sp?) gray Evelyne GM in clemance!!!!!!! (Oh...! I didn't buy from NY store, which one of our member wants to buy it:graucho: !)

    Thank you for everyone who gave me wonderful advice on Evelyne. I am going to use it to take my kids to playground, parks, ice skate...etc. It's such a GREAT bag!

    Originally, chocolate one was on hold for me, but it was epsom leather when I went to Hermes to get the bag. So, my SA took out like 7~8 of them for me to decide:nuts: ! As many members mentioned on the board, clemance is the best. This bag hugs me:graucho: !

    ps. Would you PLEASE tell me length of PM and GM? I looked up old threads. I found GM 11x11 but on eBay PM was listed as 11x11...My bag tag showed 'PM' but, SA told me mine was 'GM' after she measured the bag...So, I paid for GM. PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks:love: !
  2. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
  3. :nuts: Gorgeous!!!!! Love the monkey and Twilly too!!!! My PM is 11"
  4. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    OMG That is gorgeous.
    I am so happy for you. I love this color!
    Congratulations, and I hope we can see more pics of Evelyne at play.
  5. love this color!!! it looks great with your twilly and monkey, congrats!!
  6. So pretty, aspen!

    YAY! :yahoo:
  7. congrats!

    Don't you just love etoupe...such an classy color... for a classy lady..
  8. very beautiful. is that the same color as allaboutnice's (posted in the action thread)? she wasn't sure of her color.
  9. beautiful!!!! congrats on such a pretty bag aspen!
  10. SO NICE, Aspen!!! I am starting to really like the Evelyne as I am a big fan of shoulder bags!!! CONGRATS and wear her in the best of health, dear!!!
  11. Aspen I love it!

    I'll measure my Evelyne tomorrow. If I am not totally mistaken there is also an MM size - this could be yours, possibly.
  12. OMG..thats the most TDF color ever! COngrats!LOVES LOVES LOVES!!!!
  13. Congratulations!!! I do like that shade! It's very subtle! I love the accoutrements also - esp. the Monkey!!
  14. aspen it's gorgeous!!! :yahoo: :nuts:
  15. I love it!!! Congrats J!!! :p
    I bet it looks beautiful on you!! Can model the bag for us?:graucho:

    Love the twilly and the monkey too!!