LOOK at what I just ordered :-D

  1. Oh you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag - my coworker has it and it is just stunning - congrats!! Plus, you got it at a great deal!

  2. Thanks! Yea, I did'nt even know they had bags that nice on bluefly. So now for the wait :cursing: lol. I put it on rush delivery so hopefully it will be here by Thursday!
  3. Wow! I am shocked to see that on Bluefly since it is still full price in the Gucci boutique! I almost bought the black guccissima one, but decided on the Princy instead.
  4. That's a great bag. So pretty. Nice price too. Enjoy it and Congrats!
  5. :yahoo: I love it!! Please post pics w/ it on your shoulder..I LOVE to see what these great bags look like as arm candy!!!!! Enjoy & Congrats!!
    :heart: Emmy
  6. Congratulations! That's a hot bag! Definitely post pics when you get it! I'm also curious as to what comes with the bag like if the dustbag, care card / controllato card will still come with it.
  7. I hope so! If it does'nt I'll probably return it. I MUST have a dust bag for all my bags.
  8. Love the bag as well....:yahoo: :heart:

    OTTO, What is the concensus on Bluefly? I read on another purse board that their authenticity is being questioned however, no one could provide definite answers though.:wtf:
  9. That bag is beautiful! My friend has it & it looks so nice when its worn on! Pls dont forget to take pics to show us! Congrats on the bag!
  10. Love the bag, congrats.
  11. Great choice divadarlinn - that's a gorgeous hobo!!! Be sure to post pics!

    Oh, and make sure you inspect the bag thoroughly when you get it...there have been threads about fake bags from bluefly...as well as damaged goods. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
  12. that's a beautiful bag..
  13. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet love it! How is Gucci canvas? I want to get a Gucci canvas bag all of mine are leather but, I love the canvas look.
  14. yes i definitely will check it, i'll post them here as welll just to double check with everyone here.