Look at what I found!

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  1. Thanks for the above but the pricing is hard to believe, not sure if it's authentic or not....wow, really can't take the risk......:smile:
  2. The black flat brass is sold :wtf: So Soon :Push:
  3. With the price tag I have a hard time believing its real??
  4. Wow! What a find! What a steal!!! Why didn't you buy before posting!?!? ;) I'm betting they were real...the leather & hardware looks right, anyway. But they both seem to be sold now.
  5. The second one sold too... I prefer top-handle bags otherwise I might've considered these vintage, rare finds... the prices makes me think that the seller had no idea of their value :shrugs:

    I also posted these in the Authentication thread...
  6. How long before these show up on eBay at three times the price?
  7. dat's true, the fbf hobo is a catch...definitely worth gettin it if the item is authentic....:smile:
  8. Wow, that sold quick! It's purty!

    I checked out the MJs and those all looked real to me. They're older styles and most of them were never faked. IMO the prices were high for these MJs. It seems the bbags were the best bargain!