Longchamp repair & cleaning

  1. I put mine in the washing machine and I am not sure if it shrank but there are puffed up parts on the nylon?!:cursing: Has this happened to anyone else? Ironically the leather is just fine...
  2. I use baby wipes, too!
  3. I just got one on Friday :yahoo: as an early birthday present from my aunt and I wanted to know the best way to clean it (inside and out) for when I get it dirty. I got it in white because I thought it would go best with all of my outfits, but, now wonder if I should have gotten it in black lol! Any suggestions would be helpful! :flowers:
  4. The bags in general require no maintenance--- except for the white! I got one before but exchanged it for black because of that reason. I think the nylon will hold up well to a very gentle cleanser. Just make sure you clean the dirt immediately so that it prevents staining.
  5. Ok, thanks!
  6. A good answer.I think like that.
  7. I have a big pliage for the beach and I toss it in the washing machine every end of summer and wash it on 30 degrees with te wool programm so that it doesn't wrinkle and it still looks new.
  8. Ah yeah, they sell that at the Duty Free store here. I've always looked at it and thought about whether or not I should get it. Anyways I'm going overseas in July so there's possiblity of me getting it but do you guys recommend the bag? Is it a good bag?
  9. This doesn't hurt the leather?!

    I've been eying them since last year and got this one as an early b-day present. I'm in love! :love: It's so light and easy to carry. I love that it's simple and I don't have to worry about it when it rains, as there is practically no leather on the bag whatsoever. It's so low maintenance, but, it's wonderful! :tup:
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  10. I have used baby wipes to clean my Longchamp with success.
  11. I tried that with mine earlier this week and it worked like a charm! :tup:
  12. No the leather doesn't get hurt when you wash it just luke warm and without spinning. Actually it was the SA who sold me the Pliage you recommended it.
  13. use baby wipes... i've used wipes to clean stains, take out powder, etc..
  14. i have a small one in white (lol shes sitting on my desk as i type) and ive been using baby wipes to spot treat, but shes ready to go in the machine. and it doesnt harm the leather...just dont put it in the dryer obviously.
  15. I also use baby wipes, but I'm going to have to try the washing machine next time.