Longchamp online stockists? UK!

  1. I've been searching alot for any online stockists of Longchamp bags here in the UK. I'm mainly focused on the Pliage series... the only site I've found is eBay and another site with very limited stock and colours. It's really frustrating.! :cursing:

    Does anyone know of any websites?

    Thanks :yes:
  2. http://www.magnums.net/

    I believe will ship internationally and you can get most any Longchamp pliage line product through them at great price and service.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion but I don't feel comfortable with the customs situation :/
  4. Anyone else? :sad:
  5. Have you checked longchamps website? They give store listings of all the boutiques that carry their products. You can search by county, etc. After you get the list of names perhaps you can then find some sites, just a thought. I hope that helps! Good luck!
  6. If you ring the shop on New Bond Street, they will deliver for a small charge.
  7. Does anyone have the new colors collection of the Le Pliage series ? Share some pls :biggrin:
  8. I've attached the new SS10 pliage colours! Along with the classic collection.

    Enjoy ^^
    longchamp_0001 (3).jpg longchamp_0001 (2).jpg
  9. ^^ Hi guy, you've posted this a couple times. Do you work for LC?
  10. I do work for a store that carries Longchamp.

    And I'm a fan of this great French brand!
  11. ^ Is Choice an authorized reseller of Longchamp?
  12. You can purchase some things from the Longchamp website. If the item you like is on the Longchamp website but can't purchase through the site, you can phone the store in New Bond st and you can buy from them. All you need is the reference code for the item and they will look it up for you.
  13. hi Man@Mallory - do you know what would be the new colors for the le pliage fall/winter 2010 collection? when is it going to be released? thanks :biggrin: