Longchamp- made in China??

  1. well, actually my bf just gave me longchamp le pliage that he bought at HUNT leather, melbourne. it's an official longchamp dealer (i've checked on longchamp website). and i have to admit that i was a bit dissapointed when i saw that its made in china.. longchamp is a high end brand and they trust china to make the handbag for them??

    i dunno where to get the made in france le pliage..feel like selling it..:confused1:
  2. I just bought a custom Le Pliage from Longchamp and it is made in France. I love being able to choose the colors of my bag.
  3. My new Le Pliage is made in Chine and the quality is exactly the same as my other Le Pliage that was made in France. I don't see where is the problem with stuff made in China or Korea or whatever the country unless it's illegal.
  4. I am glad to see this thread because I was just about to go and get me a longchamp but now I have to go sift thru the rummage to see which ones are made in France. i will not SUPPORT the chinese thieving industry. And I agree, why pay French price for cheap chinese labor? they should reduce the bag accordingly.
  5. I hate to say it but so many other luxury goods are being made in China now....such as many of the Burberry bags (especially the nova check bags...not so much the all leather versions) and also some Michael Kors 'collection' bags are made in China. You can tell on the websites that sell them, rather than saying 'made in Italy' it says 'Imported'....a dead giveaway!
  6. This is so true! I spoke to a buyer @ MBMJ and guess what folks? You know the bags that cost a thou and up? Well... Also made in China. Sorry! The good news is the leathers come from Italy so we don't have to worry about dyes. (I know I'm going to get a lot of flack about that remark) but truth be told their manufacturing gets through the channels for a price!
  7. People are so picky! Like Louis Vuitton fans fussing about having Made in France bags instead of Made in USA/Spain. Personally I don't care about where it's made from as long as the quality is excellent. Although I admit, I am sad that a lot of USA designers are quickly moving their production overseas (like Rebecca Minkoff). We need more US designers to stay in good ol' America.
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    I suppose the design is the most important part of a luxury bag, not manufacturing. But again, that's just me.

    However, most designs today are from design houses anyway. I feel they lost quite a bit of the spontaneous originality. It's a task, a deadline, design to shipment, spring, fall, season of 2010. So predictable. It's not an art anymore.
  9. I am pretty much the opposite of most here. :p I like to buy things made in China. For many reasons.

    If I am on the fence, I check if it's made in China. If it is, I usually buy. I am glad to see a couple of my favorate brands are moving to China. ;) Although Longchamp does not have any styles I like yet. Once it does, I may start buying too.
  10. WOW this is very very surprising. I thought these bags were ALL made in France. I'm planning to buy another one soon as I spilt a drink inside of mine. I'm definitely going to check before I buy.
  11. i've got 1 le pliage made in france and 2 made in china. the 2 made in china are both black, one is a short handle size S and the other is a long handle shopping. the 1 made in france is a red short handle size M. i bought the ones made in China from Tokyo Narita Airport's duty free. and the made in france was bought from Takashimaya Department Store in Osaka.
  12. Molole, I'd be interested to know your reasons for this if you're willing to share. Not getting into the debate in any way or saying one's better than the other, I'm genuinely curious because not many people share your reasoning and it'd be refreshing to hear another point of view.
  13. You know what's weird, the Le Pilage I bought in the USA says made in France, and then the 2 I purchased in Europe (Portugal and Italy) both say made in China. It's so odd, you'd think it would be the opposite way around. At the same time, I got both of my bags in Europe for about $45 or so cheaper than buying them here, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.

  14. It's based on color. The more popular colors, like black and brown, are made in China.
  15. me too :smile: