Longchamp- made in China??

  1. Doesn't it make you feel like you are being duped? It doesn't make sense. Why aren't there just any labels that tell the truth. They should say something like, "globally made" and be done with it.
  2. they don't cheat. cheap labour is not a result of cheating but rather a result of purchase price parity. you're insulting a country there.not cool
  3. The newer Longchamp goods are made in China. I was at the Longchamp store at Caesars Palace in Vegas, looking at coin purses - the older version (made in France) had nice, soft, pebbled leather and leather lining. The newer ones (made in China) were made of stiffer leather and had fabric lining.
  4. This also irks me to no end. And I'm doubly irked by those brands who bring Chinese labor to Italy or France and still put "made in Italy" on it, though they've gotten rid of the native Italian artisans in favor of the cheaper Chinese labor. All with no cost savings to the consumer.:tdown:
  5. I totally agree. I don't mind it being made in China so much as I mind the quality on gone down. It can made in China as long as the nylon and leather stays the same. The nylon now feels horrible.
  6. Are the recent models Longchamp Le Pliage large Totes with long handles now made in China or are they still made in France? Thanks.
  7. I'm pretty sure they're all now made in China... :s
  8. unfortunately yes, but when u think over, coach bags have been manufactured in china for long enough than longchamp and yet we still keep buying them, i intend to get another longchamp in classic colors, 80% of the bags are all made in china, few seasonal ones are still made from france, but since i'm getting classic color which is red/black, guess i have to make peace with it soon!
  9. I must say, when I compared my old (5 yrs old) made in france medium longchamp with short handles to the one I just recently bought, the handles on the old one is much thicker.. the new one seems like it skimped on the leather..
  10. my friend told me his girlfriends bag was made in chinaa but i bought mine like a yr or less ago at the longchamp store in nyc soho and it still said made in france so i was pretty happy
  11. hi i think because urs were 5 yrs ago? cos my longchamp which is made from france look exactly like the one on the right...do u all think made in china affects the quality? i mean, because we all know that even high-end brands most likely are produced in china too nowadays!!
  12. I emailed magnum.net and asked them and they emailed me back that certain models in the more popular colors are made in China because they cannot keep up with the demand. I am interested in the color Fig and she said that color is made in France and is in stock so I ordered it. :yahoo:

    Colors like black are definitely made in China. She said certains colors are made in China and certain colors in France so it varies for example currently Nutmeg is made in France but Pistachio is made in China. She said that contacting Longchamp directly at their store in SoHo , NYC at 866-LONGCHAMP and they can confirm where the bag is made.
  13. i have the fig in small size!! it's really great to match:tup: now i intend getting the red one tommorow(80% sure) but i know that the red ones are all made in china now:tdown:
  14. I'm glad you like the fig, it looks like a beautiful color on the website. :tup: I can't wait for it to arrive.
  15. I love that fig color. I really like the bilberry but it's not available in the large size anymore...:sad: