Longchamp- made in China??

  1. ITA. i dont necessarily want my products made in china because there is SOME correlations with lack of quality (sometimes not, if the manufacturing conditions are closely monitored).

    however, its IMPOSSIBLE not to in todays business world. its called globalization people! you cant stop it! even if you buy something "made in france" how do you know where their suppliers for material, buttons, zippers, thread, etc comes from??? even their manufacturing equipment comes from china so no mater which way ya slice it, your supporting the chinese economy.
  2. i find this interesting. i just hope that they closely monitor production in china. i feel like its such an easy way to destroy a quality brand.
  3. I'm so glad that all my Longchamp Pliages are all Made in France. I got them at the Charles de Gaulle airport. I have nothing against China or Chinese workers. I'm sure many are skilled workers and produces quality products. But I won't buy any Longchamp that is "Made in China" with the high price on it. It's just my preference. And yes, I wouldn't know if 90% of the bag is Made in China and finished in France and then stamped Made in France. The quality maybe the same but the price will bug me as production in China is much cheaper. And also, I will feel really weird buying a Longchamp Pliage in Paris that says "Made in China" on it.
  4. yay! My Longchamp Le Planetes (large black, with large black handles) just came in. and the tag inside says Made in France! I just ordered it from Magnums.net. they're having a 20-30% off sale until Jan 18th.
  5. I'm aware of the harsh realities, but China just isn't a country that's worthy of support. Do I want to buy something from Iran just because they're ruled by one dictator after another, and I feel for the average citizen? No.

    Avoiding Chinese-made items isn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be because alternatives ARE out there, but you have to make a point to look for them. I've recently purchased American/European-made glassware, dishware, ovenware, leather goods, clothing, tools, shower heads, towels, sheets, jewelry...you just have to pay attention. The nice thing is that they're not any more expensive either. With many items, they were CHEAPER than the Chinese-made alternative, and seriously, consumers should be ticked off when a company shifts production to China and doesn't pass any of the savings along while saying they "had to go to China to keep up with demand."

  6. You're so right. There are two brands that come immediately to mind as their American-made bags aren't nearly as stiff as those from China. I don't need to see the tag, I can tell from the feel, and I last tested these beliefs during my Christmas shopping. I wasn't wrong about any of them.

  7. I came across this thread looking for information about Gustto bags. I purchased a Setela Tote from Bloomingdales and the tag says "made in China" I was ready to return it so I called Bloomingdales and they indicated the bag is authentic and they do not sell fake bags.

    Apparently Gustto purchases are imported and from China. Since, I have learned that when a purse says just "imported" it is from China, otherwise it says "made in Italy" or "made in the USA". Unfortunately, if I had known the purse was made in China, I would not have bought it.
  8. My friend and I bought the same Le Pliage large tote but in different colors. We bought it together. We got it from Saks during the F&F sale--- on the train ride home we decided to check, and to our shock-- hers was black and the inside tag said Made in China. Mine was in blue and the inside tag said Made In France. We paid the same price for it and it did look the same all over except for the tags.

  9. :tup::tup::tup:
    Thank you, Thank you & Thank you!!!
    I agree whole-heartedly!!!

    I dropped Coach b/c of that very reason... not b/c of quality.
    Coach kinda "lost" its exclusive "US hand-made" history with me when they did that. I don't buy them anymore, but did receive some Coach leather wares (bags & shoes) as gifts this past X'mas... Love Coach BUT I won't buy them.
  10. Oh, and for my "green" mentality & my "green" health, I don't eat made in China products (can goods, dried goods etc... heard of their defects in legal products from toys to tires to medicines yet? Not to mention the "fakes' without the "regulations") & don't buy made in China period.


    Don't want to put poison into myself or to carry it on my body... eek!
    Sad day a Chinese (me) gave up on their own food source just so that they can "live longer, healthier".... and I love my food.
  11. I recieved an email from Gustto.com in reference to my concerns about my Setela Tote from Bloomingdales and was advised that my bag is authentic. I was informed that they have two manufacturing companies, one in China and one in Mexico.

    I explained that I would not purchase anymore Gustto bags and indicated had I known my first purchase had been made in China, I would not have purchased that one either. I searced the sites of the companies I purchase from online, neimanmarcus, bloomingdales and Saks and I noticed that whenever an item is imported from China, they only say "imported".

    If the item is imported from Italy, France or made in the USA, they state this. I would think that this "Made in China" is a huge deterrent or why would they be so deceptive about it. And, I consider that deceptive advertising. I noticed this is the case with Cole Haan, Gustto, Bulga, Kooba, and smaller items by Rebecca Minkoff, her larger purses are tagged, "made in USA".

    I hope this information proves helpful to others because as much as I love some Kooba, Gustto, Cole Haan, and Bulga purses, I have no intention of buying others, sale price or no.

  12. ya people don't know most things are made in china.

    like most of all clothes from old navy, gap, are made in the philippines

    start checking your tags on your shirts and pants for made in..
  13. As much as I don't want to support Chinese manufacturing either, it's hard to avoid. I don't like to dump on one country, but all the stories that have been floating around for the past year or so about inferior and dangerous products with poison in them that come from China, really makes me angry. I'm sure the Chinese people are very nice.
  14. I completely agree, and you've stated this wonderfully. The same has happened to Coach, and I'm so disgusted by it that I won't buy their products at all anymore--and I was one of their biggest fans for years.
  15. Dana Thompson's book Delux really opened up my eyes in terms of handbags and other luxury goods being made in China. Shareholders of the big luxury goods companies are pushing for more profits and as a result, more productions are moving to China, especially those classic styles that will always sell, such as Celine Boogie. Hermes is about the only company that stays in France for production, and consequently, stays small as well.
    Even when you see "Made in France" or "Made in Italy" on a tag, it doesn't really mean the handbag is made in Europe. EU laws regarding country of origin is very loose. For example, a bag can be totally made in China except for the handle is not attached. They will ship the bag and the handle to Italy, attach the handle, and it's legal to put a "Made in Italy" tag on the bag.