Longchamp Large Tote - looks familiar?

  1. Wanna hear something funny? This tote is almost identical in design to a nylon tote I picked up at Whole Foods some years ago. Mine is from Joanne Marie Designs and rolls up as well. It is such a useful tote! Hope Joanne doesn't get wind of these Longchamps (I do like the brown one)
    Here are the Longchamps:

    Here is mine - flat and rolled up:

    joanne marie.jpg joanne marie rolled up.jpg

    from what I understand, the Longchamps roll up the same way!

    (and yes, I did order the brown one!) They are great bags to keep in your luggage for all the extra crap you end up bringing home from a trip!
  2. I have the brown Longchamp! I love it, especially the way it folds for traveling.

    This particular line (Le Pliage) was introduced by Longchamp in 1993. I'm not sure whose came first, but I have seen a bunch of totes in this style that aren't Longchamp. Le Pliages are very popular and well known though, so I'm sure Joanne Marie Designs knows about them!
  3. thats good to know! thanks! :tup: I think I bought mine around 1996/97.

    WAIT - then that makes mine a knock off! ahhh! am I going to get kicked off the forum now!? :lol: