Long Shot, but Greige Courier?!

  1. Since I have decided to give up my Jaune Day, I decided that I would like another hands-free bag to take its place. I've been eyeing the courier style for a while and have just decided to purchase one... I remembered that loveffany just recently purchased a Greige one from Barney's BH, but I just called and a very RUDE SA informed me that the courier is an old style and wouldn't even bother looking for me. :cursing:

    Has anyone seen one anywhere? I know it's a long shot, but couldn't hurt to try, right?!

    Someone make my wish come true! :love:

    Thanks in advance, lovely tPF-ers!
  2. CALL Barneys IN LOS ANGELES!!!! they have had one forever!!
  3. Hi Nicole! I actually did call that Barney's first, and the SA on the phone was just super rude and wouldn't even look for me. She just said "No, that's a really old style. We wouldn't carry it anymore." I was too disgusted to deal with her... :yucky:
  4. ^ why don't you call again and hope to get a different SA on the phone... or call a completely different Barney's and ask an SA to see if the LA one has it. I forgot which Barney's she works at but Liza is THE BEST! If you need her email, pm me. Lovelygarments should know where Liza works.
  5. Hi! I know for a fact that they had 3 couriers in greige left when I bought mine. There are 2 really rude SA's there... I don't remember the one I dealt with... but just keep calling, the bags are downstairs in stock (the SA that helped me brought up 4 for me to chose._
  6. i knew it!! they have a TON of couriers and i have seen the greige one with my own 2 eyes just last week!! it is a stunning dove grey - great leather too! if you have problems tomorrow, just let me know - i will go there myself and put it on hold for you! pm me your phone number if you want - let's not let an idiot SA get in the way of you getting your dream bag!!

    plus, i need an excuse to go there anyway!! :p
  7. Want to make it a mini-meet nicole2730? I've been meaning to head down there as well!
  8. Nicole2730-- you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for that offer!! I actually called another Barney's who had one (actually I called 2 other stores and they both had them!), which is now on its way to me! Hopefully the leather & color will be perfect... If not, I guess I can try Barney's BH again and hope that I get a nice, more accommodating SA! Thanks again--you're awesome! :yahoo:
  9. good luck! post pics when you get her!! i love mine :smile:
  10. oh crumb, now i want one!!! show pics so i can drool over yours and not feel the need to get one myself!! :push:
  11. thanks to loveffany for "inspiring" me to get one!

    nicole2730- i can't wait til mine arrives! i'm not sure how long it'll take, but hopefully by monday/tuesday! i mayyyy just have to enable you to get one, depending on how much i love mine!
  12. that sounds really dangerous... i see your huge desire for hermes stuff in your sig - you KNOW how to SHOP!!
  13. If they have old colors, do you think they'd have any rouge vif or ink in their backroom :graucho:
  14. i had to bump this thread - dukechickie, did you get your courier yet??? i can't stop thinking/dreaming about greige...

    please remember to post pics when you get it!!

    also - just recently BAL NY had couriers in Rouge Vif AND Ink!! doesn't hurt to call around, just make sure the SA's know what you're talking about :nuts: