Long overdue pictures of my humble collection

  1. 2005 Bags L to R
    Caramel Day (May be leaving me soon)
    Calcaire City (refinished, so looks more bone beige yellow)
    Wite First

    2006 Bag
    Cornflower city (Nanz, this is the one I BIN'ed a few mos back. She was in super condition for the price!!!)

    I think my cornflower deserves a lilac buddy, don't you gals think???
    2005 bags.jpg 2006 bags.jpg
  2. Love Your Cornflower City!!!
  3. Very cute collection!! I love the cornflower and calcaire city... :yes: :heart: :yes:
  4. nice collection! love the calcaire... :love:
  5. I LOVE IT!! thye're all so pretty =)
  6. cuteee. love the calcaire :P
  7. I love the way the caramel aged. If you wind up selling it, do you plan to add something to your bbag collection in its place?
  8. Nice collection. I like the calcaire and I just love the day in caramel.
  9. Thanks for sharing, love them all!
  10. yeah, I hopefully ElizabethThomas' lilac first.. cross your fingers.....
  11. You have great taste. I see some collections that include colors that I don't really like but I love all of yours. Why are you considering getting rid of that pretty caramel one?
  12. Those are gorgeous, 'T'! I am swooning over the Calcaire and the Cornflower..what a perfect collection:love:
  13. Very nice collection. Love the calcaires.:yahoo:
  14. Very nice! The white first is my favorite. Love it!
  15. Thanks for sharing your pretty collection! :love:
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