Long lusted for OZ tie dye clutch..

  1. See, I'm mostly in the Balenciaga Forum, but must make a quick entrance to introduce my much beloved tie dye clutch..

    I know a lot of the TPF members does not apreciate this style - but I love it, and I am so happy that I found it :cloud9:


  2. Congratulations, it's not really my style but if you love it, enjoy!!!
  3. I think it's pretty :nuts:
  4. Thank you :smooch:
  5. I :heart: it
  6. Hey, I've been trying to find this bag since it came onto the scene five years ago haha! My obsession has never dwindled even a little! New or pre-owned, prestine or stained, whatever! I still love it as much now as I did then!!! Anyway, clearly you had luck and I don't even know if you go on this forum anymore but I wondered if you had any interest in selling it?!?! (If you own it anymore?!) I'm sure you won't but I will hunt this purse til the day I die hahah! Let me know either way if you have a minute, thanks!!!!
  7. The bag was sold to me, back in the dags, she's my friend. I'm not sure if you're still searching for it, but I could MAYBE be willing to sell it.

    Send me a message, if you're interested.
  8. Hey, I know you posted a long time ago but are you still interested in selling this clutch? I would love to buy it!! Please contact me if you're interested.